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Tyre Tech Talk – January 2020 Dirt and Trail Magazine

by Bruce de Kock, Owner of Bike Tyre Warehouse

Original article published by Dirt and Trail Magazine, January 2020 Issue

So we’ve finished with the teens and are into the 20s now! Let’s hope this decade brings positive change to our industry in general. Technological advancements across the board will certainly see some huge leaps in tyre technology for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

This highly competitive market is driven by premium brands globally whose goal is to stay one step ahead of their competitors in order to protect market share. However, there are a number of new kids on the block who are starting to gain ground on the Big Boys. These companies are innovative and spend real time at the coal face, so to speak, learning what riders really need and adapting their offerings accordingly. With no corporate red tape holding them back, these players are able to make changes quickly and get new product out and onto bikes in a matter of months. I’ll share a couple of them soon, but at the moment, one brand that’s really got my eye is Duro.

Although this company has been around for 75 years, their current focus and drive on motorcycle tyres means they’re now making headway and gaining market share in the motorcycle arena. Duro’s total range across all types of tyres is huge. The power sport ranges cover ATV / UTV / SXS, Moto Cross & Enduro; Dual Sport & Touring; Street & Pavement; Vintage & Side Car; Karting & Sport ATV! The brand is manufactured in China, Thailand and Taiwan, and is currently imported into South Africa by Auto Cycle Centre.

The company’s name adequately describes their tyres’ main selling point – DURO for Durability. They say: “Our dedication to safety, long lasting performance and reliability is summed up in our name. Durability is the guiding principle behind everything we do. That expertise, along with persistent R&D efforts, can be found in every DURO product providing maximum performance and superior handling while strictly adhering to worldwide standards and excellent quality.”

The dual-sport motorcycle tyre market is fast becoming a key area of growth for all brands with dual purpose tyres in their product offerings. Here are two of the company’s dual-sport products which appear to be gaining ground in South Africa

Bike Tyre Warehouse - RideFast Magazine - Tyre Tech Talk - 202001 - Duro Tyres 001


First is the Duro Median Product (HF904), which is described by the company as a dual-sport tyre that performs in both on- and off-road environments. It has a tread pattern that maximises surface area for varying off-road and dirt conditions.

The tread bars with gaps allow for excellent traction across all terrains, with good water displacement too. What’s interesting is that this tyre is for use on both front and rear wheels.


The second dual-sport tyre is Duro’s HF333 which is described as a confidence-inspiring ride for those who spend more time in the dirt. It has a flat-tread block pattern, which maximises surface area for grip and a feeling of comfort in off-road conditions.

The strategically placed tread blocks increase the level of stability on tar surfaces and hard pack off-road terrain, while the unique shoulder block design provides confidence to the rider when it comes to off-road cornering at lean, especially on tar surfaces.

The brand is well priced in the market, so if you’re on a budget, it’s definitely one to consider – not just for dual sport, but across all tyre types.

Well, that’s it for this edition… I wish you all a fantastic 2020! Get out there and enjoy your adventures – our country is certainly big and beautiful enough to ensure a special piece of riding terrain for each of us.

Let’s also make 2020 a year to focus on safe sport-road riding and daily commuting too. With the roads getting busier and maintenance not up to scratch stay safe out there especially on
your daily commutes in rush hour traffic. When lane splitting, do it at safe speeds and only when safe to do so and always remember a friendly wave to considerate motorists.

When touring, try and ride with a riding partner so that you at least have back-up in the event of a mishap or break down, especially the dualies out there in the sticks and mountains.

Riding solo is an incredible experience, but it has serious drawbacks, you’re safer and always have more fun in a group or with a buddy.

Take care of your rubber – it’s all there is between you and the road, so don’t ride on the wrong rubber or on end-of-life rubber either.

Are you unsure of your current tyre status? Give us a call at Bike Tyre Warehouse on 011 205 0216 or 073 777 9269, or email sales@ for a free assessment.

Bruce de Kock, Bike Tyre Warehouse

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