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Bike Tyre Warehouse Welcomes Eddie Leggo

Eddie has great dealer networking experience

We are very happy to welcome Eddie Leggo to the Bike Tyre Warehouse team as General Manager Trade Division.

As most of you are aware Eddie joins us from Ti-Auto (Metzeler) where he looked after the dealer network.

Eddie’s contact info is as follows:

Tel: 083 467 1349

Please give him a call if you have any enquiries, or would like to say hi.

We are motorcycle tyre traders, wholesaling the top brands in race, dirt, street, dual purpose, ATV, SXS, utility and specialised tyre categories. The division distributes locally and internationally.

Due to our high volume local and international trades we are able to structure tiered discounts on bulk buys, specific parcels as well as supply motorcycle retailer’s small quantities at high volume buyer wholesale prices.

In addition, the company supplies motorcycle tyre equipment and accessories and offers OEM tyre development for specialised commercial and race applications.


Tubes: Standard, Heavy Duty (HD), Ultra Heavy Duty (UHD)

Mousses: Standard 0.8 bar, Soft 0.4 bar, Mousse Lubes

Tyre Valves and Accessories: Tyre Valves Straight and 90 Degree, Snap in Tubless Rubber, Tubless Metal Clamp In and TPMS, Valve Cores, Valve Caps, 90 Degree Valve Extensions

Wheel Weights: Fe Wheel Weights, Zn Wheel Weights, Pb Wheel Weights

Tyre Repair Materials: Bias Ply Patches, Radial Patches, String Type Inserts, Lead Wire Combination Mushroom Plugs, Vulcanising Cement, Tyre Repair Kits

Workshop Equipment: Manual Tyre Changers, Electric / Air Operated, Bead Seaters, Static Wheel Balancers, Electronic Wheel Balancers, Paddock Stands, Bike Stands, Loading Ramps

Workshop Tools: Valve Core Tools, All Purpose Valve Tools, Clip On Wheel Weight Pliers, Adhesive Wheel Weight Tools, Wheel Weight Hammers, Pistol Handle Proble Tools (Reamers), Pistol Handle Plug Insert Tools

Tyre Gauges: Inflation Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauges, Tread Depth Gauges

Inflation Tools: Air Pumps 12 Volt, CO2 Release Valves with Extension Hoses

Please contact us or request a quote for more info.

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