BATT HP Series II - Chilled 1600+ km Trip

Easy watching - see the BATT HP Series II's eat up the mileage

Thanks to @onewheelwonderza for this video. This is what they have to say about the BATT HP Series II and Bike Tyre Warehouse Midrand.

“Watch how easily I eat up some of the km of my journey to the coast line on the BATT HP SIERIES II tyres ( currently running on two of the four bikes in the fleet) doing this trip only solidified my thoughts and feelings in these great tyres. Inspiring confidence and phenomenal feeling through every corner and did I mention the value for money factor?

I have proven how well these tyres cope under strenuous road conditions (see other videos on channel for 2km wheelies ) next step for us mere mortals is to see how well we can do on the track with them stay tuned .

Special thanks goes out to Bike Tyre Warehouse midrand for the quality service and fitment of their products.”

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Have a look at the Bike Tyre Warehouse Motorcycle Tyre Combo Specials here:

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