BATT Road Ranges Customer Feedback – Episode 2

Discussions and Interviews with Customers from our Biggest Selling BATT Dealer in SA

Shaun Portman from Moto Rider World Magazine chats to the infamous One Wheel Wonder (Road Racer) about his thoughts on the BATT road range.

Road Racer onewheelwonderZA gives his feedback to Shaun Portman at MRW Magazine on the BATT UHP-CS (Ultra High Performance cut slick) this road legal hyper sport set up is unmatched across all the premium brands when it comes to quality to price point.

When you play the edge at 300+ you need the confidence knowing this moto set up will take you deep into the accident zone and pull you out safely.
Ask Ross dropping the front end at 270km/hr, yes the front tyre’s smoke plumes but he lands with controlled stability.

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