Bike Tyre Warehouse presents the new BATT X Terrain motorcycle adventure tyres

BATT X Terrain Adventure tyre for the hardcore adventure motorcycle rider. BATT are launching their new X Terrain tyre soon that has been in development since early 2019.

Rob at Moto Rider World has a chat with Fred Wheeler about these motorbike tyres made for hardcore adventure riders. Fred tested the X Terrains, and here’s some of what he had to say:

“We found this tyre to be exceptionally good in all types of terrain. It gave me good mileage, and it was good in the wet and good in the mud. Really good on tar – we did a trip from Joburg down to Kosi Bay, which is about 2300km. Very happy with the product and I would suggest this is a good brand to go with. The tyres are quite light and it gives you beautiful grip in the mud, sand and on tar. The cornering was amazing – a eautiful tyre.”

Two years of development ensured an exceptionally good product. These tyres will be available soon and will be priced at about R1000 cheaper than its’ nearest competitor.

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