Did you know that Bike Tyre Warehouse is not only the biggest stockist of motorcycle tyres in South Africa, but we also carry a wide range of motorbike accessories?

The products shown in this episode are aimed at adventure riders – apart from accessories like brake pads and chains, we also From foot pegs, stands, covers and guards to brackets for almost anything.

We have a full range of protective guards for your motorcycle, made right here in Centurion, South Africa – great quality and great prices.

Pretty much anything you can want for your bike or your adventure trip. We can colour code for your bike.

Apart from accessories like brake pads and chains, we also have footpegs, stands, covers, guards and brackets for almost anything.


Have a look at the Bike Tyre Warehouse Motorcycle Tyre Combo Specials here: https://biketyrewarehouse.com/monthly-specials/

Visit the Moto Rider World website at https://motoriderworld.com/

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