The Bike Show Feature: Season 1 Episode 5

The Bike Show in association with Bike Tyre Warehouse

Episode 5: The Risks of Second Hand Motorbike Tyres

In tough times the temptation to buy second hand motorcycle tyres is very real. But even with good tread left on used tyres, some structural damage, storage damage and repair work might not be visible to the naked eye.

Don’t put your life, or the lives of others at risk – make sure you’re safe on the road and let your tyres not be something you’re worried about when riding.

At Bike Tyre Warehouse we do SAFETY FIRST – we make sure used tyres can’t be resold for fitting and we won’t fit used tyres, even if you ask. As bikers to other bikers, we will look after you as best we can.

Get your rubber responsibly, and pop in or get in touch for free advice.


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