The Bike Show Feature: Season 1 Episode 12

The Bike Show in association with Bike Tyre Warehouse

Episode 12: BATT UHP III Motorcycle Tyres – Road Legal Track Tyres

The BATT UHP III’s are new ultra high performance motorcycle tyres that are truly a first in their class. Bruce at Bike Tyre Warehouse speaks to Don about the latest super sticky tyres and the risk factors of using the wrong tyres in winter.

In August Bike Tyre Warehouse will be getting some ultra high performance BATT UHP III’s, just in time for summer. The new BATT UHP III tyres are essentially road legal track tyres, with a lot of silica content and carbon black for the track. Donovan Fourie reckons the early prototype strongly resembles slicks!

The level of grip this supersport tyre offers will please probably 90% of track riders. A first in Hypersport tyres – there’s multiple compounds: medium, soft and super soft.

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