The Bike Show Feature: Season 1 Episode 13

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Motorcycle tyres and nitrogen

We’ve had a couple of emails asking if it’s worth using nitrogen in tyres instead of air. Bruce de Kock from Bike Tyre Warehouse talks us through the pros and cons.

“When we’re at the garage, all kitted up, the last thing we want to do is check our tyre pressures. Daily commuters should be checking their tyre pressures every two weeks. Nitrogen, due to its molecular structure, remains in the tyres longer than air.

The use of nitrogen in motorbike tyres is not about keeping them cold for longer life, it’s about stabilising the tyre pressures and keeping them consistent. Nitrogen is a good idea if you’re commuting daily or going on a long touring trip and especially carrying pillion and taking on more weight, or even road racing with it’s increased friction.

We use a special nitrogen pressure gauge to inflate your tyres with nitrogen, which prevents any air from getting into the tyres. If you’re experiencing changes in your tyre pressures, not due to faulty valves or tubes, nitrogen will work and also extend the intervals in which you need to check your tyre pressures.

All our Bike Tyre Warehouses have nitrogen capability and, once we’ve fitted tyres on your bike, you get free nitrogen for the lifespan of your tyres.”


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