The Bike Tyre Guru - Season 01 Episode 00 Intro

Welcome to a brand new tv show we're putting together called Bike Tyre Guru. Bruce de Kock from Bike Tyre Warehouse and Rob Portman from Moto Rider World Magazine will be hosting this new, very informative and interactive show.

This is not just a show about boring tyre tech – we will give you a lot of useful information but it will also be an interactive show.

We’ll talk about which tyres are good for different conditions and we’ll go behind the scenes of some of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world. Yes, we will talk about things like Brad on the slicks on a wet track – how did he manage?!

We’ll have some great news and snippets in the coming months – don’t miss an episode.

Please leave a comment or send us an email to with your questions and we’ll try and get them on the Bike Tyre guru show.


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