Tyre Testing - BATT's new UHP-CS Street Legal Track Tyre

What better way to test the new hypersport tyre from BATT than throwing them on one of the most extreme hypersport machines of today- the tyre slaying KTM 1290 Syperduke R.

The BATT range of tyres has really taken off here in South Africa. Their all-around quality has been tried, tested and praised by not only the media but the public too.

While on our frequent visits to Bike Tyre Warehouse’s Midrand store, we often bump into customers who have nothing but good things to say about BATT’s range of tyres. Primarily their great quality, longevity and most importantly their price. The most recent compliments came in the form of a customer on his BMW S1000RR who had done over 6 track days at Zwartkops in various conditions on a set of BATT UHP race slick tyres and a customer who got over 20 000km on a set of BATT HP Road Series on his GSXR1000.

We have also experienced both the BATT road and slick tyres and were instantly impressed, as were our wallets.

BATT is at it again, this time with a tyre aimed between their road and full slick tyre. Track focused road rubber aimed at the Hypersport market. It’s called the BATT UHP (Ultra High Perfromance) road / track and we would be the first in South Africa to put it through its paces in our very unique and demanding road and track conditions.

Looking at the tyre for the first time you can see that it is more track-focused with road capabilities much like Pirelli’s Diablo Rosso Corsa, Dunlop’s Q4 and Metzeler’s Racetech RR’s. The tyre has very little tread which makes it a perfect sports / track tyre and will be available in a super soft, soft and medium compound.

What better way to test the new hypersport tyre from BATT than throwing them on one of the most extreme hypersport machines of today- the tyre slaying KTM 1290 Syperduke R.  After having them fitted at Bike Tyre Warehouse East Rand, we hit the road to put somewhat of a heat cycle through them, which is always a must on any tyre. This plays a key role in overall tyre life and performance.

First impressions on the tyre and I was left pleasantly surprised by just how quick the BATT Hypersport heated up, even while riding carefully. The grip was present right from the get-go, even on our dodgy South African roads. One of the most established sport tyres out there. This would give us a good yardstick to measure just how close or far away the BATT hypersport tyre would be.

With no tyre warmers fitted, away we went for the first session on the BATT’s (still with road pressures of 2.4bar front and 2.7bar rear). As with the road, a couple turns in and the tyres were heating up nicely giving me the confidence to push, only after 1 lap of warming them up putting my initial hesitancy to rest. We took the first session to get to grips with the bikes, tyres and track.

After dropping the tyre pressures (2.2bar front and 1.7bar rear) we soon headed out of the pitlane once again. This time we did numerous laps at pace. As you do on a KTM, the traction control was disabled, meaning that the full amount of power and torque would be pulsating through the new Hypersport rear tyre. I always feel sorry for any tyre fitted to a Superduke as it’s bound to be subjected to ridiculous amounts of abuse and torture. Having said that the front wheel is seldom on the ground on a Superduke, but even so, we did manage to push it hard through the tight and twisty layout that is Midvaal.

The front feeling was solid, stable and responsive both under hard braking and mid-corner at full lean angle. Not one slip or tuck from the front tyre which cannot be said for the rear as I had it sliding into and out of corners as you do a Superduke with all aids turned off.

Acceleration was beastly out of corners thanks to the grip that the BATT’s were offering and so was mid-corner edge grip. I found myself scraping my knee and bits of the KTM, testament to grip being offered by the UHPs.

So having been abused both out on the road and track, and put up against the well established Metzeler Racetech RR’s we can happily say that the BATT UHPs are on par. Where they will no doubt be better is the price department and the fact that they will be available in three different compounds (SS, S, M). We had on test here the 200/55 rear which will be coming in along with a 180 and 190.

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